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WebSlingers is highly experienced & extremely knowledgeable in ALL mainstream web development technologies.

We offer ALL aspects of web development, and ALL of the latest web-development technologies...
We don't stumble over ourselves using them all in every website we create, however..

We've been developing websites longer than most web developers.

Our online portfolio is larger than most web developers'.

We know what technologies will work on your site, and which technologies are nothing but useless fluff.

Other web developers call on us to handle complex web-development functions.

If WebSlingers develops your website, you won't go wrong!

(We know it sounds like hype, but
it's ALL true!)
Online Application Development

We have no problem using an off-the-shelf solution, but we have a BIG problem trying to shoehorn a customer's project into an incompatible product.  Since we're REAL programmers, we can build a custom solution using skills, tools and components we've developed over many years, along with any new features required by the project specification.

The list in the window below should give you an idea of some of the work we've done.  All of these applications were built by hand, either from scratch or with code we've created in the past.  Remember, as REAL programmers, we can create what we need.

· Customer Relationship Management

· Event Scheduling & Management

· Membership Management

· Subscription Management

· Commission-Based Sales Tracking

· Employee/Contractor Work Tracking

· Website Content Management

· Mailing List Management

· Reservations/Availability Management

· Questionnaires & Polls

· Random Drawings

· Yacht Brokerage

· Online Auctions

· Simple Shopping Carts

· Complex Shopping Carts

· Simple Databases

· Complex Relational Database Systems

· Data Validation

· File Uploads

· Dynamic Content

· Encrypted Data Storage

· Spammer/Hacker-Resistant Interactive Forms

· Logfile Analysis
Our Process
(Not all steps apply to all projects)
All web-development clients are required to read, understand,
agree to, and comply with the terms of our Web Development Policies.
Your payment to WebSlingers indicates your agreement.

» Identify the information to be provided

» Determine content of still photos, audio and/or video clips

» Check on-hand photo & graphic library for image content

» Compose copy, create logos/images, take photographs, record audio, full-motion video

» Arrange the information in a coherent and eye-catching format


» Scan photographs, convert audio & video from tape to computer storage

We guarantee overnight turnaround on most website updates.

Many updates will be in place on your site within minutes after we receive your request and any necessary materials.

» Type the text copy

» Code the page layout

» Provide the site's address to Internet search services

» Arrange for reciprocal links with related sites as possible

» Test links


» Correct typographic, factual or structural errors as found

» Upload new or updated information as necessary

ALL Work Is Done


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